This update is provided to review efforts to date to secure an additional untreated water source for the membership pursuant to our comprehensive plan and the water right permit granted to the city of North Bend by the Department of Ecology as well as to address questions and concerns from some of our members.


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Sallal Annual Meeting

Sallal’s annual membership meeting will be held Monday, March 27 at 7 PM.  All members are welcome to attend.  Please look for ballots in your mail in early March 2017.

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Keeping the Water Flowing

Ruralite Article about Sallal published February 2016

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Employee Claims and Management Change

Two of Sallal’s employees have filed suit against the organization and its trustees.  One aspect of the suit deals with sexual harassment resulting from the acts of a prior employee.  Another aspect results from alleged disparate job treatment based on gender.  The Association is defending the suit and is represented by litigation counsel. The Association is commencing a search for a manager with a wide range of experience in managing water systems.  The acting Operations Manager will step back into the field superintendent role when a new manager is found.

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Sallal/ North Bend Contract Update

This is an update as well as a note to address some misinformation concerning the status of a water supply agreement with North Bend.  We have received email from some members purporting that we are about to sign a contract with North Bend.  This is untrue.  The status of a possible agreement with North Bend has not changed since our members meeting on 7/17.   Since our members meeting on 7/17 we have had one meeting with North Bend regarding a water supply agreement where we discussed questions and concerns raised by both sides.   North Bend recently commissioned Golder Associates to review North Bends anticipated mitigation water needs.  The study used for the water rights granted to North Bend by DOE is about 10 years old.  DOE believes that the mitigation volume in the ROE was grossly overstated, perhaps five-fold. North Bend is also exploring other means to provide mitigation.  It is anticipated that this information will be key in discussions of any agreement that Sallal and North Bend may enter into and the information is anticipated to be available within the next 60-90 days.  This is great news as many members requested that new water usage data be reviewed prior to considering a contract.  We have also requested our rate consultant to prepare a projection of how future water rates may be affected without the addition of new members.  This data will be helpful in giving the members an idea of possible rate increases that would likely occur without the added revenue gained by the addition of new members beyond what we have already planned.

We will continue to provide updates when new information is available.

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KC Franchise Fee

On August 1, 2018, King County Superior Court Judge Samuel Chung issued an
oral ruling in Case No. 18-2-02238-0 SEA granting summary judgment to water,
sewer and electric utilities and ordering that King County cannot charge the
utilities rent for the use of county roads and rights-of-way. The
Association along with several other cooperative water associations and an
electric cooperative intervened in the lawsuit and are included in the
decision. A formal order reflecting the Court’s decision will be prepared
and presented to the Court within the next few weeks. It is not known
whether King County will appeal the ruling.

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Sallal Open Board Position – Requesting Applicants

As of July 2018, there is an open position on the Sallal Board of Trustees. If you are a member of Sallal and are interested in serving as a board member, please provide a cover letter explaining why you would like to be on the board along with your current resume.  Please email or mail to Sallal Water Association, PO Box 378, North Bend, WA  98045.

The closing date for this position is 12 pm noon on August 15th. The board will review the applications and make a decision at the regular board meeting on August 21st.

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Results of Advisory Vote

Results of Advisory Vote – July 17, 2018 Special Meeting of the Members:

July 17 Special Meeting Election Results 2018


Matter a: Whether Sallal should continue to issue conditional water permits

Matter b: Whether Sallal should enter into any new agreements to provide water to the City of North Bend without proof satisfactorily to a majority of the members that such action will have no deleterious effect upon the availability of water to the members, the quality of fish habitat in the Snoqualmie River system and the rates payable by the members.


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